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Dexter (Cristel)

Dexter (Cristel)

Address: 1621 Dufresne 

Alarm code: No

Vet: Hôpital Vétérinaire Victoria: 1901 de Maisonneuve # (514) 524-2727

B - Male, Pittbull/husky/dingo
A- 2.5 yr (Nov 2013)


#1 -première porte en bas
#2 -deuxième porte en haut (poignée)

Food: Fill his bowl of food, food is located in a large tin can in the kitchen.

Medical issues: None

Other information: He has never bit someone, however has snapped at someone twice, both times seemed to be related to stress as his Mum was out of view when he was approached by strangers, nonetheless, be aware of it and keep an eye out for any acts of aggression towards people (no problem with other dogs). Loves dog parks! Closet dog park is De Lorimier (2183 Avenue de Lorimier). Continue basic walking training, as he loves a good leash tug.
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