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Kahlo (Leigh)

Kahlo (Leigh)

Address: 5067 rue Garnier 

Alarm code: No

Vet: Clinique Vétérinaire Delorimier & Rosemont # (514) 721-4946
Old vet has all her files: Cassells Animal Clinic, North Bay ON 705.476 0107

B - Female, Formosan Mountain Dog
A- 6 yr (Dec 1st 2007)

Food: Fill her bowl, food is in a large bag in the kitchen along with bowls

Medical issues: None

Other information:

Kahlo is quite nervous around strangers.

There are two kitties (Pippy and Toulouse). Toulouse goes outside but we can't let him out, so be careful that he doesn't dart outside. See their profile if you need more info on them.

She loves the dog park (closest is Laurier Parc). She can be protective of her dog walkers, so be careful that she doesn't get into a fight while trying to "protect you".

She's afraid to walk by the Metro grocery store that you'll be passing on the way to Parc on Laurier; just make sure to stay on the other side of the street, otherwise she will try to run away to get away from the store (she had a traumatic experience).
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