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Patch (Kristina and Yutaka)

Patch (Kristina and Yutaka)

Address: 2054 old Orchard ave #3

Alarm code: No

* Entrance to apartment through either backdoor off the 1st floor right balcony or front door building.

Vet: Animal Health Clinic Sherbrooke: 5601 Sherbrooke W # for his file 9968678 phone # (514) 369-9119

9months (Aug 2013)

Food: 1/2 container of raw wet food in the summer, in the winter changes to 1/3. It's kept in the freezer, take a container out a full day before you need it and put into fridge to thaw. Since it's raw meat, make sure to wash your hands and the bowl after feeding. As well, fill bowl 1/2 full every visit.

Water: Next to food.

Litter: Flushable litter, clean every visit.

Plants: Water all plants on every 3rd day. There are plants on the balcony as well. Use filtered water in container next to sink.

Key: Hold onto.

Additional info:

Patch is nervous with new people, but loves treats and sweet talkin' and eventually he'll warm up and be very lovey. He usually goes outside but we can't let him outside, so be careful because he will want to run out. He loves to play. Generally a neighbour will come and check up on him, but does not feed/change litter/water etc.
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