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Ralphie and Ollie (Lauren and Travis)

Ralphie and Ollie (Lauren and Travis)

Address: 4546 rue Chabot
Alarm code: No

Vet: No Vet yet (Nov 2013)

Food: 1/2 cup each, both love apples, carrots and ice cubes.


B - Male, Puggle and Lab
A- 3yr (Nov 2013)

Medical issues: None


B- male, Puggle and lab
A - 3yr (Nov 2013)

Other information:

They love going to the dog park (Parc la fountain). After their walk they typically go back into their crates (Check with Bryan or Samantha to make sure this is still the case).

Ollie will sometimes growl to assert some dominance, but will not connect his aggression.

Ollie does not like kids around 2-4 yr (a toddler previously got too touchy)

Both have harnesses, the blue one for Ollie and the black one for Ralphie.
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