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Simba and Biscuit (Monique)

Simba and Biscuit (Monique)

SImba and Biscuit: 

4885 rue de Grand Pré

Clinique Veternaire Plateau Mont Royal: 127 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest # 514 842 5490


Black and white
4yr (2013)

Medical info:

Has a history of kidney stones


2 yr (2013)

Medical Issues:

Panting from overexercise and/or humidity sometimes needs puffer. Check with Bryan/Samantha for info on use of puffer.

Food: Mix dry foods together and I/4 a can for each.

Many water bowls, make sure to fill (there's one in the front room)

Litter: Front room

Door automatically locks, unlock top bolt, then bottom and turn knob simultaneously.

Keys: keep keys

Additional info:

Simba will try to dart through the door. Biscuit is shy, often hiding under the covers, but is really friendly after she warms up.
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