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Rosalie is part of my family and I won’t let just anyone take care of her. Samantha has been walking my dog, Rosalie, for two years now, every day. I know my keys and alarm code are in safe hands and I love that I don’t have to worry during the day about Rosalie. Samantha walks Rosalie without fail come rain, shine, snow or hail. I just have a better day at work knowing that I can fully count on Samantha.


Not only does she have a great work ethic and vast knowledge of dog handling, but Samantha is also caring, loving and an attention-to-detail person committed to Rosalie’s well-being and safety. 

Samantha is kind and consistent with Rosalie during her walks and cuddles Rosalie when they return. When I work from home, I’ve witnessed Rosalie listening for Samantha walking up the stairs and going to the door looking for her. I’m sure that she is thinking “Yeah, Samantha has arrived, she’ll rub my tummy now !”.  Rosalie is truly overwhelmed with joy and Samantha’s face lights up when their eyes meet.


And if I have to work late, Samantha is there too.


Samantha has consistently demonstrated boundless sensitivity and compassion towards Rosalie (and me too).


Thank you Soins Mille Pattes, and thank you Samantha for everything you do each day for my Rosalie.


 ~ Nicolas Morello





When I hired Samantha to come to my home twice a day to give injections to my diabetic cat, I assumed she would complete her duties as all the others had: come in, inject the cat and leave. I would never have known differently if it weren’t for the fact that I had a houseguest staying at my home for the many weeks I was away, who witnessed first hand the care

and diligence Samantha took with my sweet Piper. 


Samantha was not paid to spend this extra time with my girl, but she did it out of compassion for Piper. I am now a forever client with Mille Pattes!

~ Caroline Marciniak

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Samantha over the past year. She has been instrumental in making my life in Montreal comfortable, as my dog Luiggi is well cared for and happy when I am busy with work. Luiggi, now 12 years old, came from an abused situation so he required someone to care for him who would be understanding and respectful of his boundaries.


Samantha took the time to come to my home and meet Luiggi  to soothe his

anxious soul. She takes him for walks and knows when he is tired, needs to be inside and made to feel warm and comfortable. Her pet care skills are exemplary, and her daily post walk texts detailing their time together often make me laugh out loud!  Samantha goes above and beyond. I feel she genuinely loves Luiggi and I must add Luiggi is crazy about her too! 

Adrienne Kertze


Samantha has been taking care of my two cats, Hugo and Bruno for nearly three years.They are demanding brothers who sometimes like to go outside in their harnesses and long leashes so they can wander around the garden.

This is not easy to accomplish, as they are big boys who will often try and escape as the harness is being put on, and then once outside constantly get twisted around bushes and trees. 


Samantha has such patience, checking on them all the time and making sure they get the most out of their outside time! When she is inside with them she is down on the ground rolling around, much like a cat herself! Her natural affinity for animals makes both pet and parent feel safe and comfortable. I recommend her without hesitation.  

~ Eve Hudon 





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